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DeWinton Services | Nail Trimming

Benefits of Regular Nail Trimming

Trimming your pet’s nails on a regular basis has many benefits. Not only are overgrown nails a noisy nuisance for you as an owner while your pet is running around on the hard wood floor, they also have the potential to cause other health-related consequences for your pet.

Why Trim Regularly?

Overgrown nails are at an increased risk for breaking and this can cause your pet a large amount of discomfort and possible infection. Also, those long nails can alter the way your pet walks which can cause long term damage to their skeletal system and joints (ex. arthritis). In some cases, nails that are not regularly trimmed can grow at such an angle that they will grow into the pads of the feet which can be extremely painful.

Trims At DeWinton Pet Hospital

Nail trims are scheduled with one of our registered veterinary technicians, and usually take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete (unless you are informed otherwise by one of our team members). When you walk into the clinic, one of our team members will escort your pet to our treatment area which is where the nail trim will be performed. Pets feel their own anxiety as well as their owner’s, and for this reason, we will ask you to wait in the waiting room until your pet is ready to go (unless you are asked otherwise by one of our team members).

We use either regular Miller’s Forge trimmers (scissor-like) or a rotary nail file. If you prefer one method over the other, please specify when scheduling your appointment. For all of the nail trims that we perform at our clinic, we always aim to do the best job possible (cutting the nails as short as possible, without cutting the quick and making the nail bleed). Even though we perform numerous nail trims on a daily basis and always proceed as carefully as possible, there is always a chance that we too will cut your pet’s quick. If this happens, we will use either styptic powder or silver nitrate sticks to control the bleeding.

We do like to offer encouragement to your pet during their appointment (in the form of a yummy but healthy treat), so if your pet has special dietary restrictions, we ask that you inform us of this at the start of your appointment.


Should you have any concerns or questions we are happy to go over them with you so that your pet can have a great experience every time you come to our clinic.