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Reptile Care

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General Enclosure Recommendations

Recommendations to keep your reptile safe and happy in its environment
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Provincially registered, non-profit reptile network providing information.
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Moon Valley Reptiles

Feeder insects for reptiles, live insects as well as diet tips for geckos.
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Savannah Monitor Care

Learn the best way to care for your Savannah Monitor
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General Diet Recommendations

Depending on the species reptiles can be insectivores, herbivores, carnivores, or a combination.
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Melissa Kaplan's Guide

Extensive knowledge on amphibians, chelonians, iguanas and more.
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Green Iguana Society

Extensive nutrition food chart for pet herbivore reptiles.
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Axolotl Information

Information on the maintenance and breeding of newts and salamanders in captivity
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Water Dragon & Reptile Care

Information on caring for your pet Amphibian, Reptile and Water Dragon.
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UV Guide for Reptiles

Helping you get the right UV lighting for your reptilian pets cage.
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Oxbow Reptile Supplies

World class nutritious food and supplies for pet reptiles.
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