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Whether you are in need of a one time check up, or you want a reliable veterinarian office you can rely on for all future pet health needs, Dewinton Veterinary Hospital is here for you.

City of Calgary Animal Service

(403)268-2489 when calling outside of Calgary, 311 when calling inside Calgary

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Heaven Can Wait


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EIDAP Inc. Animal Registry

1-888-346-8899, Fax 1-866-467-5160

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MEOW Foundation


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MD of Foothills

(403)603-6303 or (403)652-2341

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Emergency Veterinary Clinics

Fish Creek 24 Hour Pet Hospital

(403)873-1700, Fax (403)873-1766

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Calgary North Veterinary Hospital

(403)277-0135, Fax (403)230-2335

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C.A.R.E. Center

(403)520-8387, Fax (403)692-4350

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McKnight Veterinary Hospital

(403) 457-0911, Fax (403) 452-4878

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Western Veterinary Specialist Center

(403)770-1340, Fax (403)770-1344

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Wildlife Contact Information