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Famous Dogs

Famous Dogs As a Calgary dog veterinarian clinic, we love all breeds of dogs and cats.  We strive to be the best vet in Calgary, and while the work we do is serious, we thought we’d have some fun today on the blog.  Today we’ve decided to take a look at...

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Everything You Need to Know About Hairballs

A Trichobezoar, more commonly known as a hairball, is a clump of undigested hair that is sometimes spit up by cats.  Typically, the hairball is damp due to digestive fluids that it absorbs, and is usually shaped like a cylinder, as opposed to a ball – as the name hairball would imply.  Hairballs are typically around an inch in length but can be bigger or smaller and usually match the color of your cat’s fur.

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What Can Dogs Not Eat?

What Can Dogs Not Eat? It’s well known that dogs love to explore the world around them with their mouths. As many dog owners know, not everything they put in their mouth is good for them, and often what we take for granted can be extremely harmful to our...

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