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12 months ago

Homeless cat finds a forever home — and a new best friend 😺🏠

(via Yahoo Lifestyle)

12 months ago

Do you know our "House Rules"!?

12 months ago
60 Second Docs

Bee beats.

12 months ago
BBC Earth

"I think that the whole natural world is in danger." - Sir David Attenborough


12 months ago

*** Caution Graphic images below, viewer discretion is advised***

Meet BB, the black headed python. BB presented to us with a firm swelling located towards the end of her body. The swelling had ... See more

12 months ago

PSA- Big dog running around Silverado

12 months ago

Continuing education at DPH. We are always trying our best to keep up with the latest stuff!

12 months ago

The Many Faces Of A Tiny Hedgehog

12 months ago
Florida brewery unveils six-pack rings that feed sea turtles rather than kill them

Florida brewery unveils alternative to plastic rings that harm marine life.

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