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Famous Dogs

As a Calgary dog veterinarian clinic, we love all breeds of dogs and cats. We strive to be the best vet in Calgary, and while the work we do is serious, we thought we’d have some fun today on the blog. Today we’ve decided to take a look at some of the most famous dogs we could find! Dogs are loyal and lovable animals. Some dogs have managed to achieve fame among humans! Who are these dogs? Keep reading to find out.

Number 1

Known as “Menswear dog” on Instagram, this stylish middle aged Shiba Inu is as handsome as they come. Always sporting the most stylish menswear available, he’s been featured in a Victorinox watch advertisement and has over 275,000 followers on Instagram.

Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/mensweardog/

Number 2

Next up comes Bo, the Portuguese Water dog. Famous for being mentioned in the 2008 presidential acceptance speech, he is the Obama family dog. Portuguese water dogs are intelligent, friendly, and easy to train, and Bo is probably the most famous of his breed.

Number 3

Some dogs have managed to live a more exciting and adventurous life than most humans, Smokey the Yorkshire Terrier is proof. During World War 2, Smokey was found by an American soldier who saved her from a foxhole. This soldier, Cpl. Bill Wynne shared his rations with Smokey, trained her, and brought her everywhere he went. She survived the war, including 150 air raids in New Guinea, and is credited as being the first recorded therapy dog.

Number 4

Now we’ll travel back in time to ancient Greece, where there was one dog who is still remembered for his loyalty. Argos was raised by his master, Odysseus. Odysseus raised Argos from a puppy and they were always together until Odysseus had to leave for war. He would not return for 20 years, and when he did return, his appearance had changed so much that his own family didn’t realize who he was. But Argos did. It is said that after waiting all of those years, Argos was able to greet Odysseus one last time before he passed away.

Number 5

Last but certainly not least comes an adventurous record holding Jack Russell Terrier. Ranulph Fiennes, known as the greatest adventurer alive today took his dog Bothy to both the North and the South Poles. Bothy is the only dog in history to touch her paws down on both poles.

There are many more famous dogs out there living extraordinary lives and these are just a few of our favorites. Who are your favorite famous dogs? Let us know in the comments!