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Creating the Perfect Snake Enclosure

Snakes make wonderful pets, they are easy to care for and beautiful to look at. If you’re considering getting a snake, or already have one, you’ll want to be sure your snake is as happy and healthy as possible. This starts with a well-planned enclosure, complete with all the necessities.

Tank / Cage

The enclosure you get should be determined by the snake’s length. The length and height of the enclosure should be at least three-quarters of the snake’s total length from head to tip. The depth of the enclosure should be one-third of the snake’s total length as well. This will provide lots of room for moving around and getting comfortable.

If you buy an enclosure for a snake when it’s young, you might want to consider upgrading it as they grow.


Enclosures must be kept warm to keep your snake healthy. The temperature should range between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, or 24 to 29 degrees Celsius. However, different species like different temperatures, so check with your vet or the pet store for more information.

An excellent way to heat your enclosure is with a heating pad, placed underneath the tank or cage. Make sure that the heating pad only covers one-third of their home, allowing them to choose temperatures as they please. Heat lamps are also a tried and true method of heating a snake enclosure.

Water Supply

Snakes use water for drinking and submerging, so it’s important to have a sturdy water bowl available in the tank that won’t flip over. Provide fresh water daily, and keep the water on the cool side of the aquarium. Tap water is fine for snakes to drink. Some species of snakes also require a humidifier to assist with shedding.

Water dishes should also be cleaned on a daily basis as well.


In order to act as they would in the wild, snakes need coverings to hide themselves. There’s no specific covering needed, it can be a hallow log, upside down flower pot or even a box. Many pet stores sell coverings that resemble small caves that your snake would love to call home.

Make sure that your snake can curl its entire body inside the covering. Also, consider climbing branches. Climbing branches will provide additional places to hide, bit also allow it an area to bask in the heat (if you’re using a heat lamp).

And just like that! You have the perfect home for your future or current snake. Be sure to feed it a proper diet and your snake will provide years of companionship!