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How to Apply Medications | Dewinton Pet Hospital

It can be easy to take your cat or dog to the vet to get eye drops, shots or medication applied, but sometimes you’ll need to do it yourself, so here’s our online resources for making at-home pet care a breeze!


Eye Care

Occasionally, you’ll need to apply eye drops to your cat or kitten to keep their eyesight at peak condition. While cats sometimes have a hard time sitting still, with some patience and a steady hand, it can be easy as pie. We’ve attached these resources to help you out with kitty eye care –

Eye Drop Video Tutorial | Click Here for More

Dental Care

As the number-one health problem for cats, proper dental care has become paramount for any cat owner. While it can seem difficult, the process of brushing your cat’s teeth doesn’t need to be a pain! Here’s some handy guides for getting pearly whites –

Teeth Brushing Video Tutorial | Click Here for More

Taking Medicine

If your cat or kitten has come down with an illness, you’ll sometimes need to take medicine home for them to take on a regular, daily basis. This could be through the use of tablets or capsules, liquids or syrups, or possibly a pilling device. Make giving your cat their medication easy and simple with these helpful pointers –

Video Tutorial for Taking Pills

Video Tutorial for Taking Liquids

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Eye Care

Your dog’s eyes should be clear, bright and free from dirt, discharge and inflammation. A key to keeping the eyes in top shape is through the use of eye drops. With certain dogs, you may want to consider a muzzle for your dog while applying eye drops –

Eye Drops Video Tutorial | Click Here for More

Ear Care

A healthy dogs ears should be pale pink, odor-free and with little waxy buildup. Avoiding ear disease in dog’s means being proactive with their ear health, especially with routine ear drops and ointments. To apply, see our handy video tutorial and additional resources –

Ear Drops Video Tutorial | Click Here for More

Dental Care

Like cats, tartar buildup and oral health is a large issue for dogs, due to lack of oral hygiene. Keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy means creating a regular brushing routine at home. These video tutorials, along with regular visits to the vet, will make your dog’s teeth shiny and white –

Teeth Brushing Video Tutorial | Click Here for More

Giving Medicine

When your pooch is under the weather, you’ll sometimes need to provide at-home medicine for your pet. With the proper technique and process, giving your dog medicine can be simple and easy. Always be sure to use medicine in its entirety, and as directed by the vet –

Video Tutorial for Giving Tablets to Dogs

Video Tutorial on Giving Liquids to Dogs

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