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How To Travel With Your Pets | Dewinton Calgary Okotoks Vet Clinic

Dewinton, Calgary & Okotoks Vet Clinic: How To Travel With Your Pet

As the winter months approach, you may seek warmer temperatures in other places. And you are considering taking your pet with you. But how do you plan for taking your pet on a plane or long drive? This quick guide will ensure your holiday is headache free and your pet is comfortable and safe.

Road Trips & Long Drives

If you plan on taking your dog on a long drive, careful planning and safety precautions will make the trip more enjoyable for both of you. It’s safer for your dog to be securely fastened or confined during a long trip. A large dog on your lap or a small dog bouncing around can be distracting and dangerous.

Popular options for keeping your dog secure is having the pet stay in the trunk-area of SUV’s, dog seat belts, car barriers, or travel crates. Don’t forget your dog’s collar or name tag in case your dog gets lost in a stop-over or pit stop. And remember to never leave your dog in a hot or cold car alone. Try to plan ahead and try to locate the nearest vet in whatever location you are visiting.

Plane Trips

Before going anywhere, whether it’s a plane or car ride, be sure to visit your vet to ensure your dog has had all its appropriate shots and vaccinations. Certain foreign locations can have unique diseases or conditions your dog hasn’t been around before, and can be susceptible. Most airlines will require a health check from a vet in order to let them fly. This includes some hotels and vacation destinations as well. But don’t visit too far in advance, most airlines will disregard health checks past 10 days.

Another key point of planning is ensuring your destination is pet-friendly. Never assume your pet is welcome at resorts or hotels. Sites like www.dogfriendly.com can help identify destinations were your furry friend will be welcome. The American Automotive Association (AAA) often have surveys of the top pet-friendly cities, based on the number of hotels that welcome pets.

Always consult with the airline first, and let them know you plan on bringing your pet. A big hurdle you may encounter is a booked cargo area, which may mean extra charges for you, or that your pet cannot come aboard. You can try bringing your pet with you into the cabin, but there are restrictions. Most airlines that allow pets in passenger seats require the pet be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you. This eliminates a number of larger dog breeds. You can expect a similar-priced ticket for your pet to fly as you, and even more to stow them away in cargo areas. However, there are pet-only airlines which can save you money and stress.

Most importantly, feed and give your pet water before the flight. If your pet needs to be in the cargo area, you will be unable to provide them with any food or water during the flight. Try to do this four-hours before the flight.

Whether you need a Calgary, Dewinton, or Okotoks vet clinic, if you have any questions about traveling with your pet, Dewinton is open 7-days a week to field any questions or take any pre-flight checkups. At Dewinton Pet Hospital, we are passionate your pet’s well-being, in or out of the country.