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Identifying Pet Emergencies | Dewinton Pet Hospital

Recognizing A Pet Emergency

You’re out on a walk with your dog, and suddenly they start become slow and lethargic. Suddenly, they collapse, what do you do? Is it an allergic reaction, or something much more serious? Knowing what kind of emergency is happening can make a big difference, and having the knowledge and awareness in stressful situations could be the contrast between life and death.

Don’t Double Take, Make the Call

If you are concerned about your dog, don’t feel embarrassed to make a call to a Pet Hospital. Veterinarians at Dewinton Pet Hospital are ready 24/7, day or night, for emergencies, and are fully prepared. We have vets ready at a word’s notice, so anytime you feel concerned, make the call. You know your pet better than anyone else, so if they start behaving weird, you may have picked up on a subtle sign of a real problem. By making a call, and asking a few questions, you can find out if your pet needs medical help right away. Even if it turns out to be harmless, you will feel better knowing there’s no emergency.

Defining An Emergency

At times, you will know when there is a serious problem. Call Dewinton right away if you notice the following issues:

  • Any kind of blunt-force trauma, such as being hit by a car or falling ore than a few feet.
  • Your dog isn’t breathing or you can’t feel a heartbeat.
  • Your dog has been vomiting or has diarrhea more than 24 hours, or is vomiting blood.
  • You detect their bones have been broken.
  • Any trouble breathing, or a foreign object stuck in their throat.
  • Your dog has a seizure.
  • Any bleeding from the eyes, nose, or mouth. Blood found in urine or stool.
  • If your pet eats anything toxic, which can include antifreeze, rat poison, any medication, or household dangers.
  • Signs of extreme pain, with excessive whining, shaking or refusing to socialize.
  • Your pet collapses, or cannot stand back up.
  • Your pet is confused, disoriented, or is bumping into things.
  • Any irritations to the eyes, or if your pet appears to be blind.
  • Swollen abdomen, hard to the touch, or they’re gagging and trying to vomit.
  • Any symptoms of heat stroke.

How to React in An Emergency

If you notice any of the above symptoms or conditions, get in touch with Dewinton right away. Don’t leave a voicemail or use a web contact form.

With the first step being to call the emergency vet, make sure you know how to get to your destination and how to transport your pet safely. If you have questions on directions or how to move an injured or sick pet, ask your vet.

Finding A Pet Hospital

The best way to deal with emergencies is to be prepared to handle them. The next time you have a checkup, ask your vet about emergency preparedness. Get the name, address, and directions to Dewinton Pet Hospital or the nearest pet hospital.

Dewinton Pet Hospital

412 Pine Creek Road
Dewinton, AB T0L-0X0
Phone: 403.256.7297
Open 24/7

Keep the Vet’s phone either in your contact list, or near a landline phone for quick reference. This way, if you are caught off-guard by an emergency, you can respond quickly and efficiently. You also may want to keep a list of pet first aid tips handy for reference. If you are taking a trip, find out the nearest pet hospital in that location. Most importantly, trust your instincts. You know when your pet might not be acting normally, and if you are worried, call Dewinton day or night for help or advice. We are here to help, no matter the occasion.