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Serious Pet Diseases & Their Treatments | Dewinton Pet Hospital

Your pet’s annual checkup to the vet shouldn’t be considered a chore or unnecessary, for many serious diseases lie waiting to come into contact with your dog or cat. Some can be more harmful than others, but all of the illnesses on this list are trouble. Work together with your vet to avoid having to bring your furry friend into emergency pet clinic Dewinton Pet Hospital.

10. Kidney Disease

Most common in senior cats, kidney disease can be congenital or due to the aging process. Kidney disease is also more harmful to dogs than it is to cats. An easy way to avoid kidney disease is to have your vet do annual bloodwork to check for any issues.

9. Diabetes

Due to aging or poor diet, much like humans, pets can develop diabetes. Some pets can manage diabetes with proper exercise and diet, while some will require insulin shots.

8. Arthritis

Another issue caused mainly by the aging process, pets can develop arthritis of the joints at a later age in life. Your vet can help diagnose what kind of diabetes it is and the best route for treatment. They can also do X-ray exams to diagnose the problem. While there is no cure for arthritis, treatment though certain medications and acupuncture can help easy pain and discomfort.

7. Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks themselves are not diseases, but the viruses they carry on their bodies and blood can spell horrible consequences for your pet. Worse yet, the diseases they carry can affect both pet and owner, making both at risk. Want to avoid these pesky bugs? Simply keeping your pet’s hair clean and trimmed will be the best prevention.

6. Rabies

Rabies is one of the most deadly diseases your pet can come across. With no known cure, once your pet has rabies they are considered terminal. Thankfully, due to widespread use of a vaccine in recent years, rabies has become very rare. But because other animals in the wild could carry rabies, it’s always important to stay up-to-date on all vaccinations.

5. Distemper

Most common in puppies and dogs, Distemper is an often fatal disease that causes high temperatures and neurological issues. Dogs that survive Distemper usually have long-term and even lifelong disabilities from the illness. Distemper can be avoided through proper vaccinations.

4. Parvovirus

Often known as just parvo, this virus is seen in both cats and dogs, but usually with kittens and puppies. Early symptom detection can be the difference between life and death with parvo, but proper vaccinations can help avoid it completely.

3. Dental Disease

While dog breathe can be very smelly, it’s no laughing matter. Both cats and dogs can develop gum disease caused by tartar, as well as cavities that require professional attention. It’s surprising to most people but bad oral health can lead to heart and kidney issues in pets. Regular, daily brushing of your pet’s teeth can help avoid this common problem.

2. Heartworm

Spread by mosquitoes, and present almost anywhere, dogs and sometimes cats can both be affected by heartworm. If the infection is caught early on in dogs, it can be typically treated, however feline heartworm cannot be treated. The best prevention is medicine prescribed by your vet.

1. Obesity

Obesity has become the number one issue for domesticated pets. Excessive weight can lead to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and premature death. Obesity is most commonly caused by the pet’s owners overfeeding and not providing enough exercise. While there is no quick fix for obesity, a proper diet rich in nutrients and high exercise will help shed pounds fast. Work with your vet in coming up with a plan to combat obesity with your pet.

If you feel you have identified one or more of the diseases and illnesses above, and need to see a vet immediately, call Calgary and Okotoks emergency vet clinic Dewinton Pet Hospital today to get an appointment right away! Emergency line: 403.256.7297